MineVest Digital Mining Solutions
The most efficient and cost-effective way to transform your operating experience.
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Sustainable Engineering Design
our deep engineering experience and knowledge in mining & metallurgy industry gives you a significant advantages with your sustainable design or operation's needs
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State of the Art Mineral Processing Technologies
Meet your design values with minimal impact on the global ecosystem.
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Discover MineVest

We Provide excellent, innovative technology and sustainable solutions to the mining industry.

MineVest Digital Mining Solutions

Digital Mining Solutions

Digital Mine is the future of mining industry and mineral processing plants, and MineVest with in-house capabilities and a team of mining engineers, mineral processing engineers and data scientist experts is here to help you on this transformation with proven and reliable solutions. Applying proven solutions like predictive modelling and analytics with the option of integrating it with your existing design model and values like your process plant mass or water balance, get early, accurate alarms of equipment failures, increase throughput and recovery by observing and monitoring your equipment performance, reduce unplanned maintenances and improve safety by identifying potential risks and unwanted events well in advance

MineVest Pioneering Process Technology Digital Mining

Technology Pioneering

MineVest through its exclusive agreements with several equipment suppliers and close collaboration with high quality and low cost equipment manufacturers is able to participate in design and offer the latest technology to the mining and mineral processing plants.

MineVest Sustainable engineering solutions

Sustainable Engineering Solutions

Mining industry could have a significant impact on the environment. At the same time there is a need for different types of minerals for the essential uses and well being of humanity. In order to have the lowest possible impacts on the environment, mining industry should adopt a sustainable design for their existing operation or any new design. MineVest's Sustainable Engineering Solutions could help mining companies to achieve this through using the new techniques and equipment, re-using mining tails or wastes in other industries, and adopting new technologies like digital mining solutions to monitor and provide transparent outcome for the society.

Access to Hight Quality Suppliers Exclusively

Working directly with high quality and low cost equipment manufacturers we will offer you the best solutions for your process plants needs. We have the inventory and personnel to support your operations, including responsive customer service personnel who will streamline your materials acquisition process. We work with your operations to make sure the transition to a new equipment through fast respond and proper packaging and logistics.

Why Work With Us


Customized Solutions

We treat all our clients as individuals and don’t think a one-sized-fits-all solution will work. We’ll help you develop a customized design to your unique requirements for your operation.

Resource Access

Because we are working closely with world-class equipment manufacturer we are able to pick the very best solutions for your specific process plant problems.

Extensive Experience

Our combined over 50 years of mining and mineral processing design and operation related experience will bring you a high quality services with integrating new technologies in your Mining operation or process plants.

Low Cost Integration

We offer simple solutions to your complex problems. Understanding your needs is our top priority. We work with you closely to deliver superior results at the lowest cost quickly and efficiently.

In-house Data Solutions

Our digital division host their own data center which will bring you the best in class data security and computing power for your digital projects while minting the cost at the lowest compare to major cloud based computing platforms.

Increase Operation Safety and Profitability

working with our digital team you would be able to integrate and deploy the best optimization tool to your operation with the minimum operators interaction at the shortest time.

Minevest successfully completed a proof of concept study as a trend change to the existing underground water management and monitoring at Vale Garson mine operation

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