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About Us:

We are MineVest, a forward-looking company focused on building products and design solutions that are needed for the mining companies for 21st century. Our mission is to meet mining industry and mineral processing plants design and optimization needs while reducing the environmental and social impact.

Values that lead us


Think big

Our combined over 50 years of practical mining and mineral processing experience brings significant advantageous to the digital technology integration in order to implement successfully at your operation while considering the impacts on all other part of operation having a big picture of operation in mind.


responsive and proactive

At MineVest we know the complexity of mining industry and mineral processing plants and we understand the challenges that our clients face. We know the importance of being responsive and proactive in order to achieve maximum results and efficiencies for our customers.


Partners, not clients

We treat all our clients as our partners and enjoy working with them in a very transparent environment to develop a new technologies and achieve the maximum results and share it with them.


Always be learning

Any operation in mining industry is unique as any mining deposit in each part of the world is unique. Working closely with you we thrive to learn new aspects of your operation and utilize our experience, knowledge and technology to help you to improve the productivity of your operation.

See what we do

Our vision is to provide excellent, innovative technology and sustainable solutions to the mining industry.

what we do
MineVest Sustainable engineering solutions
MineVest Python programing data analysis in mining industry PCA and Hoteling T^2

Client we work for them

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