MineVest is now the official member of The MICA Network

MICA will connect Canada’s regional mining clusters and bring together mining companies, mining suppliers, academic and research institutions, innovators from all walks of life, and others to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration and to create technical and business synergies among its members.

Through MICA network, MineVest will be raising some of the innovative, disruptive, and creative techniques which can support performance and safety enhancement through digital transformation in the mining industry, ensuring safer and smarter mining operations.

Digital mine is the future of the mining industry and mineral processing plants, and MineVest with in-house capabilities and a team of mining engineers, mineral processing engineers, and data scientist experts is here to help the mining industry on this transformation with proven and reliable solutions. Applying proven solutions like predictive modeling and analytics, we will enable mining operations to get early, accurate alarms of equipment failures, increase throughput and recovery by observing and monitoring their equipment performance, reduce unplanned maintenances and improve safety by identifying potential risks and unwanted events well in advance.

Thank you everyone at MICA for believing in us and supporting us in our endeavors.

About MineVest

MineVest is a forward-looking company focused on building products and design solutions that are needed for the mining companies for the 21st century. Our mission is to meet mining industry and mineral processing plants design and optimization needs while reducing the environmental and social impact.

About MICA

MICA is a National ecosystem initiative designed to modernize mining and improve its productivity and environmental performance, strengthen the Canadian mineral supply chain, and increase the domestic and export sales of Canadian innovators.

Our Members – MICA (micanetwork.ca)